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Val’s Birthday (2012)







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    Last ESL Classes

    We completed our last English classes in August, and held ending parties to celebrate. It was a great way to end our time with both the adults and children.
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    Kids Camp

    We went to Tokashiki Island again this year for the "annual" kids' summer camp. (About half the time it gets cancelled because typhoons come through.) Four churches participated, but the camp was cut short because of... a typhoon. Still, it was very fun.
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    Easter Breakfast

    This year we decided to make an Easter outreach breakfast for our community. Around 75-85 people came. Many of the children, parents, and grandparents stayed for Sunday School, and heard the gospel!
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    CCC 2015

    A team from Campus Crusade for Christ Korea came again this year.  What a wonderful time of ministry!


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    Christmas Parties

    Christmas is always a great time of year to connect with our community and share about Jesus.
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    Higa Sensei’s 50th Anniversary

    This year, Pastor Higa celebrated 50 years of ministry with Seaside Chapel.
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    Thanksgiving Party

    We held our third annual Thanksgiving party.  We've been having record-breaking turnouts to all of our events this year!
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    Canada Day

    In June 29, 2014 we held our annual Canada Day Celebration in our home. We had 39 people come (including us)... a new record!
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    In July 2014 we had the pleasure of seeing our friends baptised. What a great joy!
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    In May 2014 Seaside Chapel had a bowling afternoon. Lots of family came and it was a great time of fellowship!
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    Children’s ESL

    In February 2014 we started our Kids' ESL course. We have been blessed to see our class full of children, most of whom had never before set foot in a church! What a blessing!
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    Cooking Club

    In April 2014 Val hosted her bi-monthly cooking club. Most of the people who came were from our ESL classes, and everyone enjoyed the food.


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    Baseball Ministry

    In February 2013 two players from the Japanese baseball league came to Seaside Chapel to give their testimony and sign autographs. Many people from the community came. It was a great evening.
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    Mother’s Day

    In May 2013 the men of the church prepared a meal for the women on Mother's Day. It was quite good tasting too!
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    Soccer Game

    In June 2013 we hosted a soccer game party. It was Japan vs. Australia for qualification to the 2014 World Cup. Japan tied the game and qualified. Very exciting!
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    Canada Day 2013

    On July 7, 2013 we hosted our second annual Canada Day Party… or as we say in Japanese - Canada's Birthday. We had 30 people come, including some new people. It was a great opportunity to meet and build into relationships even more!
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    Korean Ministry Team

    From Aug 12-16, 2013 a team from Onnuri Church in Korea came and had an outreach at Seaside Chapel. The highlight was the ice cream party they led. It was a joy to share in ministry with them.
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    Thanksgiving 2013

    On October 10, 2013 we hosted our annual Thanksgiving Party. More than 20 people attended. We ate turkey and ham, played pin the ship on Canada and had an all round good time!
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    Christmas Baking

    On December 14, 2013 Val hosted a Christmas baking class! More than 15 people attended, made great treats, and left with a goodie bag… All in all a great night!
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    ESL Christmas Party

    On December 20, 2013 the final Bible ESL class of the year was held. The class made dough ornaments! Creativity was the order of the day!
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    Carolling Party

    On Christmas Eve we held our annual Christmas carolling party. There were many first time Carollers who tested their metal in the park beside our house! We also had a three piece snowman piñata that was as stubborn as Canada's winter! Great time was had by all.


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    Val’s Birthday Party

    In June 2012 the English class we had taught threw a surprise birthday party for Val. For some of them it was the first time that they had met her! It was a great time, and Val was very surprised. It was definitely a highlight for both of us!
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    Canada Day

    We invited some of our friends over for Canada Day (2012).  We cooked a traditional Canadian summer barbecue for them, had Canadian music, "galleries" of Canadian artwork, and door prizes.  We were expecting 15-20 people to come, but 27 showed up!  (It's a good thing Val always cooks more than needed...) One of Peter's friends even brought fireworks.  We all had a lot of fun!
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    In October 2012 we hosted a Canadian Thanksgiving. It was a potluck. We ate with the meal with chopsticks and completed it with homemade pumpkin pie! We also played "pin the feather on the turkey" and everyone participated. It was a blast!
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    Trip Up North

    In November 2012, Peter had a chance to take an overnight trip with his friends. He had a great time, and here are some of the highlights! It was a good time of fellowship and exploration.
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    Baking with Friends

    In November and December Val held two Christmas baking times with some of her friends. They baked many great desserts and then Val was able to give some to our neighbours as Christmas gifts! Even the kids got involved!
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    Christmas Party

    From Christmas Sunday to our Christmas party to carolling we have a few pictures here that may interest you.


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    In September 2011 we left our Canadian home and moved to Okinawa.
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    Our Apartment

    In October 2011 we moved into our apartment in Itoman (south Okinawa, Japan). We had a lot of help from Seaside Chapel.
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    ESL Training

    In October 2011 we received training, and were able to have a Christmas English Bible Class for 5 weeks in Nov/Dec before Christmas! We hope to follow this up with another English Bible class, entitled "People Who Met Jesus".

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