Do I Really Matter?

When I was a little girl, I couldn't help wondering if God was a narcissist. He always wanted to be praised. He never seemed to get tired of people praising Him. He always seemed to want more. 

What kind of person always wants all people everywhere to praise Him? I thought. He must be either very full of Himself, or have a very fragile ego.

Later, I found myself more at peace with the idea of God always desiring our praise. He loves us, after all. He wants to show us His love—and He does so…

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Peter's Adventures at the Hospital!

Pictures: Peter in his hospital gear (sorry, hon, caught you blinking!); my lunch; Peter's lunch.

As most of you know, Peter is currently going through some problems with his adrenal glands. This is actually a recurrence of a problem he had three years ago. After someone has had severe adrenal problems once, ever afterwards their glands are weak. So, taking a special medication every day is necessary to prevent a relapse. However, Peter had some medication issues when we went back to Canada…

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Keeping Holy in a Clash

Since coming to Japan as a missionary, I've been learning a lot about what it means to live in social harmony. The preservation of the wa, a sense of social unity, is extremely important in the Japanese culture. By comparison, our native North American culture seems increasingly harsh, impatient, and rigid to us.

North Americans value truth, honesty, and personal rights and freedoms above almost everything else. But I wonder sometimes if we also lose something incredibly precious when we…

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Low Man on the Totem Pole

Every family has its own unique pecking order. 

When I was a little girl, we had a black cat named Scamper. Though she was the family cat, she was really my cat. You know what I mean: sometimes an animal and a human being bond on a deeper level. Yes, the animal may give and receive affection to and from other people, but its heart truly lies with just one special person. For Scamper, that person was me.

God used her powerfully in my life, too. Through my rocky and painful childhood, she was…

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Contradictions, paradoxes, and the God who defies them...

Living in Japan seems to entail a series of contradictions and paradoxes. On the one hand, we've been here for a few years and have figured a few things out. On the other hand, we are still very ignorant of many aspects of the culture and language, and often feel adrift. Thank goodness that the missionary life has nothing to do with how adequate we are, and everything to do with how capable our Heavenly Father is!

The past three days have been a blast—and not once did I remember to take…

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